Founded in 2015, this family run, boutique coffee roasting company was built around the passion for honesty and authenticity in the coffee industry. With so many sharks, present givers and big companies pretending to be small boutique brands, we saw a lack of integrity between the message being sold and the quality of the actual product. With integrity, honesty and a strong promise to only sourcing and roasting exceptional coffee, we decided to start our own company, roasting coffee we wanted to drink and that every coffee drinker really wants everyday! With a resistance against the "smoke in mirrors" and cost cutting blends found across the coffee industry, our promise is to stay true to ourselves and our customers.

"We stay true to sourcing exceptional coffees and roasting with integrity. DRUMROLL is honest coffee without the facade."

DRUMROLL COFFEE ROASTERS brings the best of old school philosophy and new school theory and is a product of 20 years in the coffee industry. Sourcing coffees with integrity and exciting character, we roast with soul, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Maintaining authentic relationships with our customers, training our baristas and building confidence in our team. DRUMROLL delivers from start to finish. We supply cafes, restaurants, office and home coffee drinkers and anyone else interested in using DRUMROLL COFFEE. Interested in stocking, using or trying Drumroll Coffee? We would love to hear from you! See our CONTACT page for our details. We would love to have a chat!